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China to Hold "China's Tibet Culture Week" in Australia and NewZealand
2004-06-12 15:15
A "China's Tibet Culture Week",sponsored by the Chinese Association for Cultural Exchanges with Foreign Countries (CACEFC), will be held in Australia's Melbourne and Sydney as well as New Zealand's Auckland, from November 20 to December 8.

The culture week, aiming to show the world the development and progress in China's Tibet, will include photo and Tangkar exhibitions, film and TV series shows, and Tibetan art troupe performances.

According to the organizer, 600 pieces of photos to be on show were selected out from more than 20,000 pieces of photos and divided into six parts, to show a dynamic view of the beautiful natural scenes, long history, great social change and rapid economic development in Tibet.

A total of 60 Tangkar pictures will for the first time be on show abroad, which, as a unique art of Tibet, paints about its history, religion, arts, pharmacy, customs and people.

The culture week will stage two prize-winner films about Tibetan people's life. The five newsreels were produced on the spot in Tibet for its 50th anniversary of peaceful liberation this year, which show the great changes and prospects in the modernized Tibet.

The Chinese delegation with 45 people will invite 20 performers from Lhasa Ethnic Art Troupe of China's Tibet to stage six performances and on-the-street shows, including Tibetan Opera,Religious Dance, and Traditional Tibetan Costumes and Ornaments Show.

The troupe, founded in 1960, were invited to perform in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, and Italy, and scored national and international awards for many times.

Mayor of Australia's Melbourne John So sent a message to the organizer, saying that the culture week will help deepen the

Australian's understanding for the unique culture of China's Tibet,and strengthen the Australia-China cultural communications.

Li Gang, vice president of the CACEFC, expressed that the culture week is a large-sized and comprehensive culture activity that China host for the first time abroad, to introduce a real Tibet to Australian and New Zealand people.

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