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China ranks world's 2nd in expressway mileage (12/16/01)
2004-06-12 15:16

More than 3,000 km of expressways opened to traffic in China this year, bringing the total expressway mileage in the country to 19,000 km.
China, now ranking second in the world in expressway mileage, has accelerated expressway construction in recent years. The mileage of expressway in China totaled 6,258 km in 1998, ranking eighth in the world. It tops 10,000 km at the end of 1999, taking the world's fourth place, and reached 16,000 km in 2000, ranking third in the world.

A national expressway network, which will consist of two vertical roads and two horizontal roads, is expected to take shape in 2002. At present, the horizontal Beijing-Shenyang expressway and the vertical Beijing-Shanghai expressway have become operational. The others are being built.

In addition, a highway network making up five vertical roads and seven horizontal roads will be built by 2008, when the Olympic Games will be held in Beijing.

Statistics show the United States leads the world in expressway operation with 88,000 km, making up half of the world's total expressway mileage. Other major expressway builders include Canada, Germany, Italy, France and Japan.

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