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China's New Cabinet Members Approved (03/17/03)
2004-06-12 17:01
Chinese lawmakers voted in China's new vice premiers, state councilors and ministerial members of the State Council at the 7th plenary meeting of the First Session of the 10th National People’s Congress (NPC) Monday afternoon.

A total of 2,939 NPC deputies attended the meeting. In line with NPC procedure, the newly-elected Premier Wen Jiabao first nominated the new cabinet members to the 7th plenary meeting of the First Session of the 10th NPC and then the NPC deputies voted to approve.

The average age of ministers is 58.7, most of whom have higher academic degrees.

Vice Premiers: Huang Ju, Wu Yi, Zeng Peiyan and Hui Liangyu

State Councilors: Zhou Yongkang, Cao Gangchuan, Tang Jiaxuan, Hua Jianmin and Chen Zhili

Secretary-general of the State Council: Hua Jianmin

Ministries and Commissions Under the State Council:

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Li Zhaoxing

Minister of National Defense: Cao Gangchuan

Minister in charge of the State Development and Reform Commission: Ma Kai
Minister of Education: Zhou Ji
Minister of Science and Technology: Xu Guanhua
Minister in charge of the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense: Zhang Yunchuan
Minister in charge of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission: Li Dek Su (Korean)
Minister of Public Security: Zhou Yongkang
Minister of State Security: Xu Yongyue
Minister of Supervision: Li Zhilun
Minister of Civil Affairs: Li Xueju
Minister of Justice: Zhang Fusen
Minister of Finance: Jin Renqing
Minister of Personnel: Zhang Bailin
Minister of Labor and Social Security: Zheng Silin
Minister of Land and Resources: Tian Fengshan
Minister of Construction: Wang Guangtao
Minister of Railways: Liu Zhijun
Minister of Communications: Zhang Chunxian
Minister of Information Industry: Wang Xudong
Minister of Water Resources: Wang Shucheng
Minister of Agriculture: Du Qinglin
Minister of Commerce: Lu Fuyuan
Minister of Culture: Sun Jiazheng
Minister of Health: Zhang Wenkang
Minister in charge of the State Population and Family Planning Commission: Zhang Weiqing
Governor of the People's Bank of China: Zhou Xiaochuan
Auditor-General of the National Audit Office: Li Jinhua
( March 17, 2003)

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