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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Press Conference on April 17, 2003
2004-06-12 17:05
On April 17, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Jianchao held a regular press conference.

Liu Jianchao: Good afternoon, everyone. Now the floor is open.

Q: What is China’s comment on the prospect of dialogue on the nuclear question of the Korean Peninsula?

A: The nuclear issue of the Korean Peninsula must be resolved peacefully through dialogue. Following this principle, the Chinese side has been making active and constructive efforts to this end. Political will and sincerity of the relevant parties concerned are called for in order to initiate dialogue. Encouragement and support of the international community are also called for.

Q: U.S. President Bush yesterday indicated that the United States would push the UN Security Council to lift its economic sanctions against Iraq. What is your comment?

A: For the long-term interest of all countries and people in the Gulf and security and peace of the world, China stands for the post-war reconstruction of Iraq within the UN framework. China is ready to actively participate in the endeavor. The United Nations has played an important role on the Iraqi issue over the years. The relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council are the important basis for the settlement of the Iraqi issue. It is our hope that the relevant questions, including the one you mentioned, could be solved within the UN framework.

Q: What kind of measures will China adopt to enable the United Nations to play an important role in the post-war reconstruction of Iraq?

A: I have already elaborated upon the position of the Chinese Government on the post-war reconstruction of Iraq. The Chinese side holds that the post-war arrangement of Iraq should be dealt with in the UN framework. China has stressed that Iraq’s sovereignty and territorial integrity should be respected. The will and choice of the Iraqi people should be respected. The legitimate concern of all the neighbours of Iraq should be respected. The lawful interests of other countries in Iraq should be respected. As for the concrete plans, the Chinese side adopts an open attitude, so long as the plans serve the interest of the Iraqi people and contribute to the restoration of peace and stability of Iraq. China is ready to step up its contacts and coordination with the parties concerned. China will also come up with its own propositions in due course.

Q: Yesterday, Kan Naoto, leader of the non-governing Party of Democracy of Japan, came to China for meetings with the Chinese leaders. What is your comment on the results of the talks?

A: At the invitation of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Kan Naoto, leader of the Party of Democracy of Japan, led an 8-member delegation on a goodwill visit to China from 15 to 17 April. During the visit, the delegation was met by Hu Jintao, General Secretary of CPC and China’s President. The delegation had talks with Mr. He Guoqiang, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC, Secretary of the Secretariat and Head of the Organizational Department of the CPC. The delegation also met with officials from the International Liaison Department of the CPC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council. During his visit, Mr. Kan Naoto had an exchange of views with the Chinese side on the development and deepening of the ties between the two parties and the two nations, as well as on the international and regional situation. The question of high-level visits between the two countries was also touched upon.

Q: Back to the Iraq question. Does China have any specific proposals on the role of the United Nations in the post-war reconstruction of Iraq?

A: As I just said, the Chinese side will come up with its own propositions at an appropriate time. I will let you know in due course.

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