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Funding for SARS Emergency Response System
2004-06-12 17:08
A total of 320 million yuan has been earmarked by governments at various levels of Beijing to improve the emergency response system for fighting SARS.
And leaders of Beijing municipal government have pledged that more money will be allocated to the anti-SARS cause.
To date, 210 million yuan allocated by city-level governments has been used to establish Beijing disease control center, improvethe city's epidemic emergency response system, stockpile equipmentfor curbing the spread of SARS, equip SARS virus research labs andupdate equipment for designated SARS patient hospitals.
The 110 million yuan in SARS fighting funds allocated by district or county-level governments has been used to buy more SARS diagnostic equipment for hospitals and to update SARS-proof equipment for medical staff who work for district or county-designated SARS patient hospitals.
(Xinhua News Agency April 28, 2003)

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