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Premier Wen Calls For Solidarity in Fight against SARS(26/04/2003)
2004-06-12 17:08
On April 26, during his inspection tour of Beijing,which involved a construction site, a supermarket, a residential zone and Beijing University, Premier Wen Jiabao called for solidarity and concerted efforts in the ongoing battle against severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

At the construction site, Wen said all employers of migrant workers in Beijing should improve SARS control and prevention among their workers.

Wen said that migrant workers should be given regular physical checks, adding immediate physical checks and medical treatment should be given at the expense of the employers to those showing any symptom of the disease.

During his talks with community leaders and residents at a residential zone in northern Beijing, Wen said community work was very important and the role of communities should be given full play in preventing the spread of the disease.

He called for efforts to spread knowledge about and ways of preventing SARS, so that every household and resident had the necessary information on SARS prevention, which would enable them to realize that SARS was preventable, treatable and controllable.

Wen said it was necessary to attach importance to prevention and control of the disease, but there was no need for panic.

At Beijing University, the premier told overseas students and teachers that the Chinese government was concerned about their health and would provide all necessary conveniences for their study, work and prevention of the disease.

During lunchtime, the premier talked with students while dining in a campus canteen.

Wen told the students China would strive to beat the disease while continuing the country's reform and opening to the outside world and modernization.

The premier said China would stride forward at a greater pace after experiencing the fight against the disease, and the solidarity and cohesive force of China's various ethnic groups would be consolidated.

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