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China's Five-Point Proposal on the Current Middle East Question(28/05/2003)
2004-06-12 17:09
1. The Chinese side welcomes and supports the "road map" peace plan for the Middle East officially announced by the "Quartet", believing that the "road map" is positive in content and provides a sound basis for resumed talks between Israel and Palestine.  It is hoped that the two sides will seize this opportunity and take feasible measures to cooperate with the international community in its efforts for peace and an early solution of the question of Palestine.

2. It is time that both Israel and Palestine officially announce their acceptance of the "road map" plan and implement it as soon as possible.  The top priority is for both sides to stop violence for violence and revenge for revenge promptly so as to pave the way for the resumption of the talks and conclusion of an agreement.  We call upon Israel to withdraw its troops to the position held before 28 September 2000, end military strikes, political isolation, economic blockade against Palestine and the policy of "targeted assassination", freeze the construction of Jewish settlements, ease humanitarian crisis in Palestine and restore the freedom of movement of Chairman Yasser Arafat.  In the meantime, Israel's security should be fully guaranteed.  The Palestinian National Authority has the duty to take effective measures to stop extremist and violent activities.  The Chinese side stands for an early establishment of an independent state of Palestine and encourages democratic elections as well as reforms in the political, financial, economic, judicial and administrative and other areas in Palestine.  The Palestinian people's right to choose a political system independently and the legitimate leaders selected by the Palestinian people through democratic elections should be respected.

As for the problems that might crop up in the process of implementing the "road map", the two sides should seek negotiated settlement on the principles of openness, consultation on the basis of equality, mutual understanding and accommodation, and tackling the easier problems first.

3. In order to ensure the fulfillment of the "road map" plan, a fair, authoritative and effective international supervisory mechanism should be set up as early as possible.

4. On the basis of the relevant UN resolutions, the principle of "land for peace" laid down at the Madrid Peace Conference and the agreements and consensus reached by all parties, it is essential to resume the negotiations between Israel and Syria and between Israel and Lebanon at an early date in a bid to arrive at a final solution acceptable to all parties and to eventually bring about a comprehensive and lasting peace in the Middle East.

5. It is the shared responsibility and duty of the international community to bring about peace and stability in the Middle East.  The international community should give more attention and input to the Middle East question.  The United Nations should play a bigger role.  China proposes that an international conference on the Middle East question be convened as soon as possible with the participation of the five permanent members of the Security Council and all the parties concerned.  China is ready to get actively involved in the international efforts to promote the Middle East peace process.

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