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Spokesperson Zhang Qiyue on US Support for Taiwan's Participation in the WHO(02/06/2003)
2004-06-12 17:10
Q:  Recently, US President George W. Bush signed a bill adopted by the US Congress in support of Taiwan's participation in the World Health Organization (WHO), but at the same time claimed that the United States had not changed its one China policy.  What is the comment from the Chinese side?

A:The Chinese Government has repeatedly made solemn representations to the United States concerning the above-mentioned bill.  China is resolutely opposed to the US signing of this wrong bill regardless of China’s position.

Taiwan is a part of China.  According to the relevant resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly and the regulations of the WHO, Taiwan is not eligible to join the WHO as a member or a quasi-member, or participate in WHO activities as an observer.  At the 56th World Health Assembly (WHA) that concluded recently, the Taiwan Authorities failed in its seventh attempt to squeeze into the WHO, which demonstrates the common understanding and clear attitude of the international community on this issue.

Taiwan has easy access to health information. The Central Government of China has all along been concerned about the health of the Taiwan compatriots and actively promoted exchanges and cooperation in the health sector across the Taiwan Straits.  In regard to preventing and treating severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), the Taiwan authorities have unreasonably turned down assistance from the mainland, regardless of the health and safety of people in Taiwan. The true purpose of the Taiwan authorities in participating in the WHO is to create "two Chinas" or "one China, one Taiwan".  However, their attempt is doomed to failure.

We urge the US Government to comply with the will of the international community and clearly recognize the political motives of the Taiwan authorities. It should abide by the one-China policy and the principles of the three Joint Communiqués, and stop all words and actions in support of Taiwan's participation in the WHO, so as not to set obstacles to the development of Sino-US relations.

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