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Abnormal Chromosomes Discovered
2004-06-12 17:44

Aftcr the first discovery of 3 abnormal human chromosomes cases in the world in 2002, the Shenzhen Hospital under the Peking University has recently announced the discovery of another 8 cases of abnormal human chromosomes. The verification results issued by the China's National Key Lab for Genetics show that the 8 cases are also the first of their kinds so far reported in the world. The 8 abnormal cases have been collected by the database for abnormal chromosomes of Chinese population.

Of the   8 newly discovered abnormal human chromosome cases, 7 came from the patients who are married with the symptoms of habitual miscarriages, infertility, stillborn and deformed fetus. Another came from a 21 — year- old university student who visited the hospital for consecutive amenorrhea.

Experts express that the discovery not only enriches the international database for human chromosomes, but is also helpful for clinic diagnosis of genetic diseases and human gene study. The newly discovered cases provide important evidences for chromosome mutation study and associated clinic diagnosing.

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