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More Techniques for Combating Bird -flu
2004-06-12 17:44

Under the request of the National Commanding I | Center for Bird - Flu Prevention and Control an S&T working group under the Center has gathered experts from different disciplines to develop techniques and products for combating bird - flu epidemics. The experts' concerted efforts have resulted in 22 techniques and products for immune protection, quick diagnosing, personnel protection and disinfections. Some of the techniques are derived from the technical reserves of the national key technology program, and others are developed after the outbreak of the epidemics. For example,   the RT — PCR fluorescent testing technique is able to confirm the infection of bird flu in 4 hours, which greatly reduces the testing time. While organizing research efforts at both central and local levels, the Ministry of Science and Technology diffuses the new techniques and products to the disease stricken areas as well as the one that have not yet been infected through technology demonstration and consultation activities.

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