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China's Life Searching System
2004-06-12 17:44

The  Earthquake Life Searching and Positionig  System developed by the Sichuan Seismological Bureau has recently passed the approval checks jointly organized   by the Ministry of Science and Technology and National Seismological Bureau.

The new system is made up of three parts: optical life detecting unit, sound wave life detecting instrument and infrared imager. The optical life detecting unit has a wide- angle camera as its probe. Capable to see a scene as wide as 127 degree, the unit has an extendable rod that can reach a depth of 8 meters. Images and sounds can be transmitted through the cable built in the rod to the portable computer on the ground. The pictures can also be enlarged to count or see more clearly the victims buried underneath. Rescue workers can map up detailed locations of buried persons with the help of pictures and sound data collected by the new system.

Once the rescuing area is defined, rescue workers can place 4 stethoscope — like probes of the sound wave life detector in selected locations. The probes are so sound sensitive that they can show wave pictures even when a feeble sound is detected. The detector can also filter out irrelevant surface noises so as work out more accurate data needed by rescue workers to tell the location of a survivor.

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