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A Shenyang "Falun Gong" Practitioner Becomes Aware of Her Errors
2004-12-08 00:00



The No. 8 Hospital in Shenhe District, Shenyang City, has taken great pains to help "Falun Gong" practitioners return to normal life after seeing the error of their ways.

A young nurse in this hospital started to practice "Falun Gong" two years ago, in order to try to improve her health. She was deeply misled by its heretical ideas. Even after the state banned "Falun Gong" as an illegal organization in July 1999, she persisted in her error, and continued to take part in illegal assemblies organized by "Falun Gong." The leaders of the hospital came to the conclusion that she was not a core member of the sect, but deeply misled. They decided to rescue her from the clutches of the cult. The leaders of the hospital, together with her friends and relatives, launched a thoroughgoing and painstaking educational campaign. Wang He, a leader of the hospital, had heart-to-heart talks with her several times, caring about her like her mother, and uncovered the evil nature and harmfulness of "Falun Gong." The nurse finally realized her errors, and vowed never to participate in any illegal "Falun Gong" activities again, and make a clean break with the cult.
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