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The Chinese Foreign Ministry Lodges a Solemn Representation with Japan on the History Textbook IssueThe Chinese Foreign Ministry Lodges a Solemn Representation with Japan on the History Textbook Issue
2005-04-07 00:00


On the afternoon of April 5, Foreign Ministry official Qiao Zonghuai was instructed to urgently summon Japanese Ambassador to China Koreshige Anami and lodged a solemn representation with Japan on the Japanese government's approval of the right ring textbook which denies and glosses over Japan's history of aggression.

Qiao said that today the Japanese government announced the result of its examination on the 2006 edition of history textbook to be used in junior high schools, declaring that all the 8 versions submitted for examination which includes the rightist history textbook denying and whitewashing Japan's aggression were qualified. The Chinese government voices strong indignation at the Japanese government's approval for the textbook which distorts and whitewashes the Japanese aggression regardless of the solemn representation of the Chinese side on repeated occasions.

Qiao pointed out the essence of the textbook issue is whether Japan can correctly understand and treat the invasion history of Japanese militarism and educate its young generation with a correct concept of history. The history textbook developed intentionally by Japan's rightists spares no efforts to exculpate the Japanese militarism, gloss over its aggression history and even flagrantly drum for the aggression. It is a provocation to the justice and conscience of mankind, seriously hurts the feeling of the people of all victim countries including China and poisons the brains of the Japanese youth. It undoubtedly will be strongly condemned by the people of all the victim countries in Asia including China.

Qiao stressed it should be noted that the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is to blame for the final approval of such a history textbook to be used in classrooms since it has the final say to approve textbooks. We strongly urge the Japanese government to faithfully fulfill its commitment of reflecting on its aggression history and immediately adopt effective measures to remove the serious impact incurred.

On the same afternoon, Chinese ambassador to Japan Wang Yi also lodged a representation with the Japanese government and elaborated China's solemn stance on the history textbook issue.

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