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China to Hold Water Expo
2005-04-07 00:00


China is promoting international cooperation in an effort to conserve water.

The country will hold its first international Water Expo next year.

The event will showcase the latest technology and expertise in water conservation.

CRI's Na Lan has more.

Water Expo China 2006 will be held next April in Beijing, the first of such large-scale events in the country's water resources industry.

Organizers Li Zantang, the secretary general of China Water Resources Society, says water shortages and water pollution are major obstacles to China's economic and social development.

He says that's why the country decided to extend the annual Beijing International Water Resources Facilities Expo to a more comprehensive and influential event.

"With the fast growth of the population and social economy, the demand for water will continue to rise. It is estimated that about two-thirds of China's cities face water shortages. This has put a major chokehold on further developing the economy."

Li Zantang says the theme of the Expo is 'The Harmony Between Water and Mankind' and highlights the need for safe drinking water.

"Around 300 million people in China face the problem of having unsafe drinking water. The top priority of our work is to let every citizen in China have safe and healthy drinking water."

The Water Expo will cover a wide range of areas in the water resources industry, including industrial and agricultural water, urban sewage treatment, flood prevention and hydro-electricity.

Enterprises from home and abroad will show their latest products and technologies in the industry and discuss hot topics at the seminars and forums.

Choi Yeoh Choong, the city planning counsellor from the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in China, says the expo is also very important for other countries.

"The Water Expo is very necessary for every country to participate. Water problems are the most important issue for all nations in the world for better economic and social development. South Korea faces similar water shortages."

He says the expo serves as a good platform for international cooperation in the industry and helping enterprises from different countries learn experiences from each other to better use water resources.

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