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China Promotes Trade with India
2005-04-14 00:00


Another result of the Chinese Premier's trip to India has been a pledge by the two sides to raise bilateral trade by 7 billion US dollars, to 20 billion by 2008.

In a speech to Indian businesspeople, Premier Wen Jiabao invited more Indian companies to seek their fortunes in China.

"There is an old Chinese saying, "You will enjoy a grander sight, by climbing to a greater height." I believe businesspeople from the two countries have such far-reaching vision to seek economic cooperation and reap profitable returns."

Trade between the two countries in 2004 was 13.6 billion US Dollars, up nearly 80 percent from the previous year.

China is currently India's 2nd largest trade partner, and it hopes to overtake US to become its No.1 exporter.

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