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"Belarus S&T Day" held in Changchun Improving national scientific qualifications vital important
2005-07-06 00:00


At the Second Leading Group Meeting for Improving the National Scientific Qualifications, State Councilor CHEN Zhili pointed out that formulation and implementation of the Outline of the Action Plan for Improving the National Scientific Qualifications (Outline) is an inevitable requirement in improving the qualifications of the nationals in an all-round way and realizing the grand objective of building up a well-off society in an all-round way, an important move in transforming China from a great power of population into a great power of human resources, and upgrading the national competitiveness and an urgent need in mobilizing all social forces for participation in the construction of the citizens' scientific qualifications and forming a concerted mighty force. Promulgation and implementation of the Outline will surely facilitate the great improvement of the overall qualifications of the whole nation.

CHEN Zhili requested that the Outline be further modified and perfected; relevant policy measures be detailed and put into effect so as to create a satisfactory policy environment and guarantee that various policy measures be put into practice; the Outline be vigorously publicized and all forces mobilized so that the Outline is widely known and strikes root in the hearts of the people thus constructing a satisfactory social atmosphere for the smooth implementation of the Outline; highly efficient work mechanism for implementing the Outline be established with strengthened guidance and close coordination. In accordance with the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, we should earnestly carry out this important job that is aimed at improving the scientific and cultural qualifications of the whole nation and related to the realization of the grand objective for comprehensively constructing a well-off society.

ZHOU Guangzhao, Chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology presided over the meeting and Vice Chairman DENG Nan delivered a report on the formulation of the Outline.

The "Action Plan for Improving the National Scientific Qualifications", drawn up by the China Association for Science and Technology jointly with relevant departments, is aimed at cultivating high-quality citizens to build up a well-off society in an all-round way and realize the third-step modernization drive in China. Through many times of modification and perfection in more than one year, the Outline (2006-2010-2020) (draft) has already been completed.

The findings of the fifth survey on public scientific attainments in China published in 2004 reveal that the proportion of the public with basic scientific attainments is 1.98%.

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