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Notable results achieved in the industrial base of the Torch Program
2005-07-06 00:00



Since the first industrial base of the Torch Program came into being on June 22, 1995, altogether eighty-three such bases have been recognized in 16 provinces and cities. These bases have already formed an industrial group involving electronic information, electronic material, photo-communication, bio-medicine, sensor, electric automation, key automobile parts and advanced manufacturing equipment, which have distinctive features respectively. The development of industrial bases has promoted the gathering of regional dominant industries and generated the network of alliance system and industrial chain.

1. The Torch industrial base has already become an important carrier for developing high-tech industries with local characteristics and regional dominant industries. It has also become an important carrier for some local governments to integrate dominant resources and develop special high-tech industries and regional dominant industries. The greatest advantage of establishing Torch industrial bases lies in their distinct industrial selectivity and relative openness of space and the effective centralization of enterprise and industry development.

2. The Torch industrial base has already become an important point of growth for promoting the sustainable development of regional economy. With the advantages of definite industrial orientation and pulling enterprises together, the industrial base plays a more important role in local economy and becomes a bright spot of the sustained and rapid growth of regional economy.

3. The Torch industrial base has already become an important booster for reorganization and optimization of local industrial structure. In light of specific circumstances and resource advantages of different regions, the industrial base has turned into an important booster for the reorganization and optimization of local industry structure through uniform planning and resource integration.

4. The Torch industrial base has already become an important base for promoting the combination of S&T with economy and speeding up S&T innovation and the transformation of S&T results, which have all along been the key contents of base construction in all localities. Through effective integration of various local resources and the various S&T programs of the State, province and city, the industrial base, as a priority carrier supported by various S&T programs, has notably improved the independent innovation ability and integrated competitive strength of the enterprises on the base.

5. The Torch industrial base has already become a key work of the S&T administrative department in serving local economy. 50% of the industrial bases are dispersed over the precinct of counties (cities). By establishing the industrial base, local S&T departments have found their key work. On this platform, the local S&T development is able to integrate all kinds of resources and means, and provide centralized support to local economic development with a clear aim, thereby enhancing the status of S&T departments in the government.

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