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Zheng He -- China Facts Quiz
2005-09-26 00:00



The China into Classroom activity will contribute greatly to cultural exchanges between China and countries around the world through activities such as a series of contests called China into Classroom Quiz Rumble, to include classroom lessons, movie showings, free book handouts, cultural seminars, solicitations of articles, exhibitions, singing activities, seminars on Chinese folk songs, visits to the Chinese embassies, and visits to China by quiz winners, among other activities.

In commemoration of the 600th anniversary of Zheng He's Great Voyages (1405-1433), the Chinaculture Website ( will hold a "Zheng He -- China Facts Quiz" from September 20 to November 31, 2005.

Quiz Notice:

1. About Contestants
This online "Zheng He -- China Facts Quiz" is open to all overseas youth (including young people from Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, and Taiwan), overseas Chinese, and foreign friends who are interested in Chinese culture.

2. About the Organizers
The contest is sponsored by: the Division of Media and Publicity, Bureau for External Cultural Relations, Ministry of Culture, People's Republic of China (PRC). The Chinaculture Website is responsible for organizing the quiz, and Chinese culture centers and culture divisions of Chinese embassies and consulates abroad that will assist in the contest.

3. About the Contest

1) How to Participate
Each quiz-taker has exactly one chance to participate in the quiz. Also, each quiz-taker will be given one (and only one) ID (identified by registration information). Quiz-takers are forbidden from participating in the contest more than once by changing their ID in any way.

2) Contest Format
A. The quiz is in both English and Chinese. Please answer the questions online.
B. Twenty questions will be chosen from the question data at random by computer, with each question worth 5 points.
C. The quiz begins on September 20, 2005 and ends on November 31, 2005. A lucky draw will be held the following month, after which prizes will be awarded accordingly.

4. Detailed Rules on Participation

1) The 20 questions are selected by computer in eight easy, eight medium and four difficult categories. That means the questions for each contestant are different, but with the same level of difficulty.
2) Each question is worth 5 points.
3) When the quiz is over, a form seeking information will pop up. Quiz-takers must fill in the form with real information, including their name, country or region, E-mail addresses, detailed addresses, and telephone number are required. Your identity is discerned according to the information you offer.
4) The quiz system will list the contestants' marks from the highest to the lowest.
5) The quiz system will allot an ID to each contestant when he or she submits the quiz paper. Inquiries about results of the quiz and the lucky draw can be made only if the contestant provides his or her correct ID. You can participate in other contests of "China into Classroom Quiz Rumble" with your ID, which can help accumulate scoring totals in all contests you have entered and serve as admission to the final lucky draw. So, please keep your ID handy.

5. Rules on the Prizes

1) Prizes
A contestant will get no more than one prize at one time. There are three grades of prizes - first, second and third. An estimated 100-150 first-class winners each will be awarded an mp3 player, 1,000 second-prize winners will get a computer mouse and mouse pad, and 2,000 third-prize winners will receive T-shirts. Each winner will also be awarded a certificate co-signed by the CEO of and the counselor of the local Chinese embassy or the culture consul of the local consulate.

2) Prize Evaluation
The quiz system will automatically conduct a list that rank-orders contestants with the highest scores to those with the lowest scores. Prizewinners will be chosen from the higher scores accordingly. When the number of eligible contestants exceeds the pre-set winning number of a certain class of prize, a lucky draw will decide who wins.

3) Impartiality
Contestants can check his or her scores and prize results on The list of first-class prizewinners, together with their overall results, will be released on the Website one week after November 31 when the quiz is over.

4) Awards
Prizes will be given according to registration information. Please provide real and correct information when registering.
The winner's list and prizes will be sent to Chinese culture centers and related culture divisions of Chinese embassies and consulates abroad, who are then responsible for the handing-out of prizes.
For more information, including background information on the quiz, please see the navigation bar on the top left of the page. The Chinaculture Website reserves final explanation rights on judgments about the contest rules.

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