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IGRS Becomes Industry Standard
2005-10-08 00:00



The Chinese Ministry of Information Industry has recently made an IGRS (Intelligent Grouping and Resource Sharing) based standard a recommended national criteria for China's IT industry. The new standard allows limited extension of personal computers and point-to-point connections between office equipment. In addition to equipping information devices with information exchange functions, the standard will eventually make intelligent interconnection, resources sharing and shared services between information terminals possible.  Experts explain that IGRS products can be used in household entertainment, mobile information processing, and easy office activities. Users can easily play computer-stored photos, music and movies on regular TV sets, using an ordinary remote control. They can also directly view broadband contents on TV. TV programs stored in computers can be transmitted to laptop computers, or palm mobile telecommunication equipment, for on-demand viewing. The purported intelligent connection and automatic installation functions allow direct sharing of online and printing resources, without calling for any pre-configurations. The new standard also simplifies connections between laptop computers and projectors or printers.

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