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Intelligent Wheelchair
2005-10-08 00:00



The Institute of Automation, part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Hong Kong based L.K. Group jointly announced that the two parties would work together to develop and produce an innovative intelligent wheelchair, providing intelligent tools for the elders with rigid lower limbers and the disabled.


The intelligent wheelchair, developed by YUAN Kui, a research fellow at the Institute of Automation, and others, is of a fine intelligent control capability. The wheelchair can automatically gear down its speed when approaching an obstacle, to avoid possible collision. User also can instruct the wheelchair to come available before him, using a remote control, when it is not at his or her side. Medical workers or patent's family can manipulate the movement of the wheelchair using remote control within a defined wireless range, and supervise what happens to the patient on a real time basis. With a proven technology, the intelligent wheelchair has entered a phase to work on manufacturing techniques.

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