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Online RP&M Platform
2005-10-11 00:00



An integrated online RP&M service system, developed by the Xi'an Jiaotong University, has recently passed the verification check. In a move to address both domestic and international technological requirements for developing new products, the new system offers a simplified rapid prototype manufacturing model catering for commercial operations. It also makes an automatic match between different RP&M techniques, and creates a web based RP&M decision making and optimizing process, using the socalled expert system and fuzzy evaluation theory. With online service program as the core, the said RP&M service platform is integrated with numerous supporting tools, including RP&M cost calculation, manufacturing time calculation, technique selections, manufacturing resources, model database, and knowledge database.

With the proven technologies, the project team has, in collaboration with productivity promotion centers in Shan'xi, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Henan, established an online RP&M service alliance. In the last couple of years, the alliance has provided online RP&M service for 161 enterprises, using the same system. The efforts have created an additional production value worth RMB 6.88 million, and profits and taxes RMB 3.55 million. The online RP&M service has also created a dozen million RMB worth value for the enterprises using the service. The new system greatly facilitates the development of new products at small and medium-sized enterprises, and helps manufacturing technology providers to use equipment in a more efficient manner.

The project team plans to establish corresponding resource systems for both industrial design and mould making, in an attempt to work out a complete online service line to support the development of digital and innovative products at small and medium-sized enterprises.
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