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Huawei Multi-service Control Gateway
2005-10-11 00:00



Not long ago, Huawei unveiled a Multi-service Control Gateway (MSCG) system for telecommunication application, the first of its kind in the world. With a name of Quidway®ME60, the system is a reliable multi-service control gateway, a desirable tool in helping telecommunication vendors to upgrade their services, without compromising network service quality and security.


According to a briefing, ME60 is designed with a powerful handling and control capability for large-volume, high performance, strong service integration, and diverse operational functions. It caters for diverse broadband connections, terminal accessibility identification, and sub-service operations, which makes it the world first 10-Gigabit multi-service control system with a queue number reaching 256K. The new system offers five IP service controls, including marginal router, firewall, DPI, SBC, and BAS, integrated with service quality strategy, operation management, and network security, and supporting vendors' breakdown service strategies. Having passed the strict verification test by authoritative agencies, the novel product plans for massive commercial applications at the end of the year.

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