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New Drug for Liver Cancer
2005-10-11 00:00



China No. 4 Military Medical School and Chengdu Hoist Inc. Ltd. have made a major technical progress in developing Metuximab injection, an Iodine 131I based monoclonal antibody. The State Food and Drug Administration issued a new drug certificate for the invention on April 20, 2005. The new drug will soon be used for strategic purposes.

Made of highly specific anti liver cancer sections and Iodine 131I based monoclonal antibody, the new drug constitutes an innovative biological missile for liver cancers. Easily adhered to liver cancer cells, the injection can trigger Iodine 131I to emit high-energy βparticles to kill cancerous cells. Clinical trials have found the injection effective in treating primary liver cancers that cannot be treated with surgery or are in relapse, desirable for both near and long term therapeutic effects, with a clinical remission rate of 8.22%, clinical effectiveness of 27.4%, and clinical control rate of 86.3%.

The new drug works on a clearly defined mechanism (targeting at liver cancer and sealing roles) for both antibody genes and target particles. Produced with an advanced technique, the new drug has obtained 4 national invention patent grants, with 3 PCTs into substantive examination phase in the United States, Europe and Japan.
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