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Background of ITU Telecom World 2006
2006-05-26 00:00


Hong Kong will host the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Telecom World 2006 from 4th to 8th December 2006. The ITU is the largest and the most influential telecommunications organization in the world. The Telecom World, organized by the ITU every three to four years, is the most important global telecommunications event. Hong Kong has organized two regional events of the ITU, namely the ASIA 2000 and ASIA 2002.


Since the inception of the Telecom World in 1971, the past 9 events took place in Geneva, Switzerland. The World 2006 is the first time that the event is held outside Geneva since 1971. The Telecom World brings together the world's leading industrial players and experts from both the public and private sectors, and attracts attendance of heads of states, ministers, regulators and CEOs of multi-national corporations.


The Telecom World is composed of two elements: the exhibition and forum. In the exhibition, the industry players can display innovative equipment, services and technologies. The Forum provides communication channels for the participants to hold discussions on major topics such as policies and regulations, major technologies, business application systems and business environment, etc.


As the gateway to the largest telecommunications market in the world, Hong Kong is at an advantageous position to host this major international exhibition. Hong Kong is a world-class business hub with excellent geographical position and network, and hence an ideal platform for developing the Mainland market. The "Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Agreement" (CEPA) implemented in early 2004 has further strengthened the strategic position of Hong Kong as the gateway to the Mainland market. In hosting the World event, Hong Kong will provide lots of value-added services, and will organize tailor-made seminars, forums and delegations for the exhibitor seeking development opportunities, so that they can have a better understanding of the development of the Mainland market and the relevant policies and regulations.


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