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The role of the Hong Kong, China Secretariat
2006-05-26 00:00


Hong Kong was awarded the right to host the World 2006 in June 2004. Since then, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has established the Hong Kong, China Secretariat under the Commerce, Industry and Technology Bureau to co-ordinate the preparation work of the World 2006, and works closely with the MII (Ministry of Information Industry), hold meetings with it on a regular basis and actively co-ordinate the preparation work.

The promotion work of the World 2006 is mainly carried out by the ITU. However, as the host city, China Secretariat supports the ITU in their promotional efforts in the Mainland and overseas.

In support of the ITU, the Hong Kong, China Secretariat will organize various official activities during week of the World 2006. These activities include the opening ceremony, welcome reception, VIPs' dinner, press luncheon and farewell dinner, etc.

China Secretariat will organize the Hong Kong, China Pavilion and encourage the participation of local enterprises, provide value-added services and arrange exchange activities with the Mainland and overseas delegations.

Under the leadership of the MII, China Secretariat works closely with the PTAC to promote the World 2006 in the Mainland.

China Secretariat will organize various side programmes and a business facilitation programme as a networking platform between overseas participants and industry players on the one hand and their potential business partners in the Mainland on the other before and during the World 2006 to explore business opportunities.

China Secretariat will provide protocol and logistics services.

China Secretariat will provide opportunities for sponsorship, co-operation and advertising.

The Hong Kong, China Secretariat has established a host city official website ( Please visit the website for the lastest information.

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