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The Nobel Prize an open insult to China's legal system
2010-10-16 02:30

Liu Xiaobo, who was sentenced to 11 years prison term in China, has recently won the Nobel Peace Prize, leading to a flurry of comments among media of the US and some European countries about the Chinese judicial system.

The incident insulted the country's legal system.

There are 1.3 billion people in China. It is impossible for a small country like Norway to imagine the differences within China and the difficulties to advance at an unprecedented speed while maintaining balance.

Norway has only 4 million people. Living extravagant lives and educated in Western systems, the five voters of the Nobel committee have no idea what Chinese society cares about.

What Chinese people are most concerned about are whether decades of living standard enhancements can continue and whether national economic development will be inter-rupted by internal or external unrest. More problems shall arise with rapid economic development and social transformation. The only solution is to deal with these problems by strengthening the rule of law.

The implementation of law in China is far less effective than in developed countries. But China's determination to build its society through the rule of law is firm.

China is strengthening the legal process to improve the system. Meanwhile, Chinese media is always keen to expose and criticize the privileged class who bypass the law for personal gains.

Now the Nobel committee has taken it upon itself to discredit the Chinese legal system.

A group of committee members, and the manipulators behind them, awarded a Chinese prisoner with the Nobel Peace Prize, which has great international influence.

No matter what values they hold or how much sympathy they share for this person, the signal they sent out was not simple sympathy but encouragement of the resistance to China's existing laws.

This is not a debate about democracy, but an indictment of the legal system to encourage dissidents to violate Chinese laws. The overall impact of the Nobel Prize empowers it with a certain public authority around the world, which was abused by the Nobel committee to damage the authority of the Chinese legal system.

It is not only the mainland Chinese, but also millions of foreigners living in China that are enjoying the benefits of the Chinese legal system.

The existing legal system in China guarantees the operation of "the world's factory" and maintains the world's largest foreign trade.

It is the moral duty of the Nobel committee to help China to advance the administration with laws, instead of trying to hamper China by supporting a prisoner with millions of dollars and lavish publicity.

Nobel committee made an unwise decision.

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