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The endless ideological wars against China - People's Daily Online
2010-10-16 02:31

The sum of $1.4 million is a fairly good price for the West to start an ideological war against China when it awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo. This was bound to happen.

If Liu were not selected, some other Chinese on the shortlist, including Rebia Kadeer, Hu Jia and Wei Jingshen, would have been the recipient.

The West will continue to target China in its ideological war. It seems the Western way has to be the only way and people around the globe should adopt the Western attitudes. In the minds of some Westerners, even if China grows and develops to an advanced level, it still needs to surrender to Western ideologically.

The democracy that the West is trying to export to other countries advocates freedom of choice. Why is it then that the West avidly heralds individual freedoms, but it prohibits political diversity among different countries?

It seems the West does not care about the individuality of other societies when it is trying to expand its political systems to other areas of the world. It only seems to want total compliance and unconditional support from other nations with different viewpoints.

In some situations, based on pure interest, the West would support authoritarian governments.

China has adopted much Western wisdom since its opening-up. But it refuses to be westernized. The rejuvenation of the Chinese civilization is its dream. The more China learns from the West, the more confident it becomes in its own culture.

A rising China with different fundamental principles disturbs the West, which is beleaguered in deep economic woes. Discrediting China is a way to maintain the moral superiority of the developed world, and consequently keep the privilege of the West, which helps maximize the interests of the developed countries.

The Nobel Peace Prize is not a lone voice.
Actually, it is part of a concerto supplemented by various NGOs, economic identities and international organizations orchestrated by the developed countries. They hope to harass China's growth, and press China to surrender more economic interests. They even hope that China will one day collapse under the West's ideological crusade.

From Google threatening to withdraw from China earlier this year, to the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to a Chinese criminal, the ideological war against China is far from over.

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