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The Nobel committee owes China an apology(Global Times,October 18 2010)
2010-10-22 23:17
 If Western governments truly intend to integrate China into the international community, the award-ing of the Nobel Peace Prize this year is doing just the opposite.

The Chinese public is largely enraged by the Nobel committee's decision, though the award has received wide acknowledgment from the West.

A survey done by the Global Poll Center over the weekend indicated that the majority of Chinese citizens are against the decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo. It is hoped the Nobel committee will reflect on their poor choice and apologize to the Chinese public.

The Nobel committee has no reason to believe their political judgment is better than that of 1.3 billion people. The West has no authority to overrule Chinese people's values and judgment.

Perhaps, the Nobel committee expected China's strong reaction, which would reinforce the committee's influence in the West. But the choice comes at the wrong time, and to the wrong person. The award is not a scarlet letter over China's forehead as the committee intended to see.

China has displayed strength and vitality in the new century, and its sincerity to opening up to the world.

The Nobel Peace Prize is supposed to be a global award, to which end, the committee should accept and promote the diversity of political systems. But the award suggests the contrary. The Nobel committee, fueled by the fear of the end of Western forms of government, espouses the most conservative Western values.

The Cold War, which was bitterly fought between the East and the West, was a dark period in world history.

The Nobel committee has just provoked a serious ideological clash between China and West. Instead of promoting peace, the Peace Prize this year deepens misunderstandings and hostility between China and the West.

We are calling for the Nobel committee to seriously consider the reaction of the Chinese public and what the impact of the award is doing to world peace.

Between the interest of a small group of Western elite and the good-will between China and the West, the committee should make the right choice.

The committee should apologize to China. They should do this not out of the pressure from the Chinese government, but to demonstrate a challenge to the ideological containment of the West to China.

The Nobel committee has never questioned or criticized Western thoughts and ideology. We look forward to seeing a Nobel committee that truly belongs to the world.

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