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Chinese Embassy Participated in the Christmas Charity Bazaar
2010-12-10 19:19
On December 5, the 2010 Christmas charity bazaar of Sofia's International Women's Club (IWC) was held in the International Expo Center of Sofia. Chinese Embassy in Bulgaria participated in the charity event actively.

Although the winter finally came with frozen temperature and it had been raining cats and dogs for days, this year's IWC Charity Bazaar seemed as attractive as the ones in previous years to the citizens of Sofia.

Five-starred red flag, posters sparkling with big characters "福" (Fu,means Happiness and Fortune in Chinese), a wall full of glamourous Chinese Knots and a lovely plush giant panda were symbols of China. what's more, there also stood a nine meters long table overwhelmed by hundreds of delicate Chinese handicrafts from hand-woven silk scarf to breathtaking painted snuff bottle. Yes! You were in front of the China Store in Hall 4 of the International Expo Center of Sofia.
People were engrossed in the mysterious stuff coming from a country once famous for its ancient history and rich cultural heritage. This country today, however, is known for its unprecedented growing vitality and its unique inclusiveness to embrace the whole world. "beautiful", "super", "gorgeous" were the most heard words that day. They were more than satisfied with what they had bought from here, which you could see clearly from the big smiles on their faces. "from China!" they might say as they showed the treasures to their friends. "and for charity!" they might also add.

After the bazaar, Chinese Embassy donated all the revenues to the International Women's Club for its charity use.

Sofia's International Women's Club (IWC) was founded in 1989 and it is a non-profit organization which consists mainly of some diplomats and  diplomats' wives. The revenues of every year's Christmas charity bazaar will be used for various charity activities.
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