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Notice of Fingerprint Collection for Chinese Visa Application
2018-07-21 03:13

On the basis of relevant Chinese laws and regulations, starting from August 16th 2018, the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Bulgaria will issue Chinese biometric visa and will collect 10 fingerprints of Chinese visa applicants, therefore, Chinese visa applicants need to come to the Embassy in person. The following applicants are exempted for fingerprint collection.

1. Applicants who are  less 14 years old or more than 70 years old;

2. Applicants who are holding diplomatic passports or who are qualified for Chinese diplomatic, service and courtesy visa;

3. Applicants who got Chinese visas and left their fingerprints in past 5 years and are going to apply for Chinese visas again to the same Chinese Embassy with the same passport;

4. Applicants whose 10 fingers are incomplete(misshapen).

Thank you for your understanding and corporation.

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