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Notice on Airline Boarding Requirements for Documentation of Negative Nucleic Acid and IgM Anti-Body Blood Test Results of Travelers to China
2020-11-03 03:16

In order to reduce cross-border transmission of the epidemic , starting at 00:00 hrs. Sofia time on November 7, 2020, Chinese and foreign citizens leaving Bulgaria for China will have to take the Immunoglobulin M anti-body test (IgM test) in addition to the nucleic acid test requirement. With the reports of negative result of these two tests, travelers can apply for a Green Health Code with "HS" mark (Health Code) or a Health Declaration Form. Following are the specific requirements:

1. Tests requirements

(1) As there are currently no direct commercial flight from Bulgaria to China, those departing from Bulgaria to China through a third country must first take both the nucleic acid test and IgM test in a test facility approved by the Chinese Embassy in Bulgaria within 48 hours before boarding. Once received, the reports of negative result must be forwarded to the Chinese Embassy for issuance of a Health Code or a Health Declaration Form.

Upon arrival in the transit country (the country of departure of direct flight to China), passengers must perform a second set of sampling and testing, and submit the reports of negative result to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the country of transit in order to receive a Health Code or Health Declaration Form. These tests again must be performed within 48 hours before boarding the flight to China.

(2) Test requirements for passengers on special or charter flights fall under separate provisions. For details, please contact the Chinese Embassy in Bulgaria.

2. Green Health Code with "HS" mark for Chinese citizens

Please refer to " 二,中国公民申领带"HS"标识的绿色健康码" of the Chinese version of the Notice (

3. Health Declaration Form for Foreign citizens

After receiving reports of negative result for both the nucleic acid and IgM tests, foreign citizens must e-mail to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate a scanned copy of the personal data page of their valid passport, test reports and the Health Declaration Form signed by the traveler. After verification, a scanned copy of the stamped Declaration Form will be sent back to the applicant by e-mail. The applicant must print out the Declaration Form and carry it with him/her. Airlines flying directly to China will check and give clearance to passengers holding the Health Declaration Form issued by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate. Please board flights within the validity of the Health Declaration Form and cooperate with the airline when boarding.

4. Special reminder

(1) All individuals intending to travel to China are kindly advised to read carefully and follow the instructions in this Notice. Failure to obtain the necessary documents before boarding means that you do not qualify to board the flight and will have to re-arrange or adjust your travel itinerary.

(2) Currently, many countries change their entry and exit policies with the development of the epidemic, and there are not many airports where tests can be done within the transit area. It is advised that you choose your transit route carefully, familiarize yourself with the rules of entry and test requirements of the country of transit. Apply for a visa if necessary and make arrangement for accommodation in the country of transit accordingly, so as to avoid getting stranded due to denial of entry, unavailability of second tests in the country of transit or failure to meet the requirements for the Health Code/Health Declaration Form, which may result in increased risk of infection.

(3) The Chinese Embassy in Bulgaria, once again, reminds those who intend to travel to China to take comprehensive consideration of the risks of the epidemic and the cost of travel, and to avoid travelling unless absolutely necessary. After testing, please reduce unnecessary outings and gatherings so as to protect yourselves from infection.

List of test facilities recommended by the Chinese Embassy in Bulgaria

1. Ramus Laboratory


2. Bodimed Laboratory

Tel.: 02-9866676,02-9863864

3. Tokuda Hospital


4. Sofiamed Hospital


5. Lina Laboratory 


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