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The Notice On Requirements For China-bound Passengers To Apply For A Health Code From Bulgaria
2022-05-23 02:53

Starting from May23,2022, the Chinese Embassy in Bulgaria will implement new requirements for China-bound passengers from Bulgaria. The updated adjustments are mainly the waiver of IgM test for those who haven’t been inoculated with vaccines, a shortened pre-departure quarantine time for all passengers, and the waiver of the X-ray test for people with a history of infection. If previous notices and supplementary explanations related to the Health Code application are inconsistent with this notice, this one shall prevail.

1. General requirements

All China-bound passengers from Bulgaria must first apply for Health code or Health Declaration Code from the Chinese Embassy in Bulgaria. For Chinese citizens, please apply for a health code through the international version of the epidemic prevention health code mini program. For foreign citizens, please visit the website: or use mobile phone to scan the QR code below to enter the login interface. Please use email to register the account, and fill in the information item by item to apply for the Health Declaration Code.

The Embassy will not issue Health Code for those who come to Bulgaria as a transit country to China. All passengers departing from Bulgaria are only allowed to take one transit in a third country, otherwise a health code will not be issued.

Please be adviced to check both the Chinese Embassy or Consulate and the transit country of the quarantine requirements in time prior to departure. The Health code issued by this Embassy can only be used in the Bulgarian airport, and its validity period does not cover the connecting flight in the transit place.

2. Pre-departure quarantine

(1) All China-bound travelers should strictly observe indoor quarantine and self-health monitoring for 10 days (excluding the departure day) before departure, without going out except for necessary tests, and fill in the "10-day Quarantine Certificate" as required. To apply for a health code, you must upload the "10-day Quarantine Certificate" issued by the company with the seal or signed by the person in charge, and do a self-health monitoring. If you have symptoms such as fever and cough, you should immediately terminate travel itinerary and the same applies to those who are in close contact.

(2) The 14-day quarantine requirement for the crews before boarding is now waived and their requirements for pre-departure quarantine are same as the ordinary passengers.

3.Testing requirements

(1) All travelers are required to undergo “double nucleic acid” testing. They must carry out nucleic acid RT-PCR tests at two different testing institutions designated by the Embassy. The first test and sampling time must be within 48 hours before boarding, and the second test and sampling time must be within 24 hours before boarding. (Subject to sampling time, accurate to the minute.)

(2) The requirement for serology antibody (Including N-protein) testing for all China-bound travelers is waived.

(3) All travelers from Bulgaria to China need to complete a rapid antigen test (RAT) in a  testing institution designated by the Embassy within 12 hours before boarding (There are testing points at Sofia Airport 24/7). Please provide the airline with the RAT report for inspection, and send the test results to the Embassy email box: with the subject marked your name plus antigen test. If the last nucleic acid test (PCR) is completed within 12 hours before boarding, the antigen test can be waived.

Please follow the specifications and instructions in the process of the double nucleic acid test: the nucleic acid sampling method should be nasopharyngeal swab, and the test method should be real-time fluorescent RT-PCR method. The test report should clearly reflect the relevant sampling methods, testing methods and test results, and indicate the complete information of the testing institution. The ID number on the test report must be the passport number.

4. Health Code application upload

Please make sure to fill in each item truthfully and upload:

(1) The information page of the valid international travel document;

(2) The Bulgarian visa or residence card, and the border inspection stamp for the last entry into Bulgaria;

(3) Full flight ticket itinerary;

(4) Two negative reports of nucleic acid test from different agency;

(5) A 10-day Quarantine Certificate;

(6) The Vaccination Certificates or the "Letter of Commitment On COVID-19 Vaccination" of those who have vaccinated;

(7)  The screenshot of the Embassy’s email of confirmed initial review of the health certificate (applicable to those with a history of infection).

5.Health Code application for people with a history of infection etc.

(1)Those with a history of infection

If any of the nucleic acid test, IgM and IgG antibody test results are positive (except for IgM and IgG antibody positive due to vaccination), please follow the procedure below:

(a) After the nucleic acid test turns negative, please carry out two nucleic acid tests at two different testing institutions  designated by the Embassy and obtain two negative reports (sampling time should be at least 24 hours apart).

(b) Send the two negative nucleic acid test certificates (within 3 days after the second  nucleic acid test) to the Embassy email box:, with the subject of name plus proof of rehabilitation. 

(c) After receiving a reply email from the Embassy confirming the review of the proof of rehabilitation, follow the instructions in the email for quarantine management and health monitoring. If the monitoring goes normal, apply for a health code following the normal procedures.

(d) The requirement for a pulmonary imaging diagnosis certificate in the pre-review of the rehabilitation certificate by the Embassy is waived.

(2) Those who have been in close contact

Those who have been in close contact with confirmed cases, suspected cases or asymptomatic cases should quarantine for health monitoring for 14 days. PCR tests are to be carried out respectively on the 1st, 4th, and 7th day of the monitoring period. If the results are all negative, you can follow the normal procedures to apply for a health code after the end of the quarantine.

(3) Persons with suspected symptoms

If the applicants have fever, cough, diarrhea and other suspected symptoms within the 14 days before applying for a health code, or they are denied boarding by the airline due to high body temperature, suspected symptoms, etc., the Embassy will not issue a health code. Therefore, the applicants are required to undergo a 14-day quarantine and health monitoring. Nucleic acid tests must be carried out respectively on the 1st, 4th, and 7th day of the monitoring period, and if the results are all negative, then you can apply for a health code following the normal procedure.


(1) A negative RAT report is no longer required to obtain the Green Health Code(mark “HS”) or a Health Declaration Code(mark “HDC”). After receiving the negative results of two PCR tests, please apply for the Health Code or Health Declaration Code no less than 6 hours prior to the boarding. The Embassy will review and issue the Health Code as soon as possible after receiving the test reports, working even on weekends and holidays. Please wait patiently for the review results.

(2) Please remember to send the rapid antigen test results to before boarding, otherwise the Embassy will cancel the issued Health Code or Health Declaration Code, which will affect you from applying for a new Health Code or a Health Declaration Code in the transit country.

(3) The Green Health Code or Health Declaration Code issued by the Chinese Embassy in Bulgaria will only be valid for passengers boarding the flight from Bulgaria. Please check the transit country's entry regulations and its PCR tests requirements beforehand. Failure to enter the transit country or meet the requirements regarding the tests, the Green Code or certified Health Declaration Code could result in being stranded and heightened infection risks.

(4) Chinese citizens should upload valid Bulgarian visa or residence permit (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents should also upload Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents or Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents), and the border inspection stamp for the last entry into Bulgaria. Bulgarian citizens should upload passport information page, valid Chinese visa or Chinese residence permit, and the border inspection stamp for the last entry into Bulgaria. The third-country nationals in Bulgaria should upload both Chinese and Bulgarian visa or residence permit, and the border inspection stamp for the last entry into Bulgaria.

(5) Please upload the vaccination certificate issued by the Ministry of Health of Bulgaria with the QR code. If there is no such vaccination certificate, please upload other vaccination certificates and the signed “Letter Of Commitment On COVID-19 Vaccination.

This update of the requirements is based on the review on the current situation of COVID-19 and the characteristics of the Omicron mutant strains and other factors. All persons going to China should strictly abide by the relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control and truthfully submit relevant materials such as test reports. Those who conceal the condition of illness, tamper with the test report, fail to comply with the quarantine requirements, or provide false information, will be denied the issurance of the Health Code or Health Declaration Code and will bear corresponding legal responsibilities in case of violation of the law.

List of Labs Designated By The Chinese Embassy In Bulgaria:

1. BODIMED Laboratory (Sofia),  Tel: 02-9866676,02-9863864

2. Tokuda Hospital (Sofia), Tel.:02-4034352, 02-4034000

3. Sofiamed Hospital (Sofia), Tel.:0895555591,0896666840

4. RAMUS LAB (Sofia),Tel.:029431196 

5. GENIKA LAB(Sofia),Tel.:070020442 

6. KANDILAROV LAB(Sofia), Tel.: 070070117 

7. Pulmed hospital(Plovdiv),  Tel:032-607300 

8. Laborexpress(Varna), Tel:052-647337 

9. Exacta Medica(Pleven), Tel:064- 8855 55 

10. Lina Laboratory(Burgas), Tel:070010447 

11. Burgasmed Hospital(Burgas), Tel:0892 222 686 

12. Zdrave 99(Ruse),Tel:082-834 256, 0879995167

Annex 1: 10-day quarantine certificate.pdf

Annex 2: Letter of commitment on COVID-19 vaccination.pdf

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