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Urgent Notice on the Adjustment of Airline Boarding Requirements for Certificates of Negative Nucleic Acid and Anti-Body Blood Tests Results
2020-12-03 02:08

In order to enhance the testing accuracy, for passengers with flights on 7 December and beyond, only IgM antibody test certificates marked with venous blood method are accepted for approval of green QR codes. Fingertip blood test results will not be accepted. Passengers flying to China are kindly advised to confirm the venous blood test method with testing institution while making test appointments and check the relavant information included in the testing certificates.

Passengers flying to China are advised to bring the original certificates of negative nucleic acid test and IgM anti-body test(electronic or documentary) with them to the airport.

List of test facilities designated by the Chinese Embassy in Bulgaria:

1. RAMUS Laboratory,tel:02-9431196,0886372639

2. BODIMED Laboratory (Sofia),tel:02-9866676,02-9863864

3. Lina Laboratory,tel:070010447

4.Pulmed hospital(Plovdiv),tel:032-607300


6.Exacta Medica(Pleven),tel:064- 8855 55

7.Burgasmed (Burgas),tel:0892 222 686

8.Zdrave 99(Ruse),tel:082-834 256, 0879995167

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